Join Image

iSlideCreated at:Apr 16, 2020 15:07:40Updated at:Jun 30, 2022 16:44:49

Intelligently join slides to an infographic.


iSlide > Tools > Join Images


  1. Preview area: Preview the long image in real time

  2. Image width: Set the "Image Width" option to preset the quality of the exported long image

  3. Specific settings of preview image

  4. Text watermark

  5. Application range of slides

  6. Save as: Export


1/ Set the size of the exported image/infographic

Set the [Width of pictures] to preset the quality of the exported pictures. The larger the image width value, the larger the exported preview image.



2/ Set the layout of exported long image/infographic

You can set whether to include the header, footer, blanks, horizontal picture amount, outer border and inner space according to your needs.



When joining images, you can choose whether to check the cover and/or footer according to your needs.



3/ How to export long images sectionally

1. Use [selected slides]

Press [Ctrl] key and select multiple slides at the same time. Check the “selected slides” when exporting join image


2. Use [Including Hidden Slides] option

If you want to hide the slides that don’t need to be exported, you can uncheck the [Including Hidden Slides] option.


The hidden slides will not display in the joint image, if you don’t check the [Including Hidden Slides] option.


4/ How to change the border spacing color

  1. Click on the "Background color" option in the Join Images window

  2. Set the color required in the pop-up "Color Picker" window



5/ How to customize watermark of join image

If you need to add a watermark to the exported long image, you can set it in the "Join Images" window.


  • Check the [Text watermark] option, and add the text in the box at the right

  • Set the watermark text color

  • Set the watermark background color


If you don’t see the [Text watermark] option, you might need to upgrade your iSlide to the latest version.