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A set of related objects that follow each other in a particular order.


iSlide > Extensions > Sequence



The “Sequence” feature is not available in "switch" animation between two static slides.


The interface of "Sequence"

  1. Name

  2. Main Sequence

  3. Duration

  4. Time option: animation duration/delay

  5. Sequence option

  6. Specific parameter setting options of Sequence

  7. Refresh/Apply


Time option

  • Delay: Animation delay. How many seconds it takes before playing the animation

  • Duration: Animation duration. The length of the specific animation


Sequence option

  • Arithmetic: From the second item, the difference between each item and its previous item is equal to the same constant

  • Geometric: From the second item, the ratio of each item to its previous item is equal to the same constant

  • Random: Sort randomly

  • Custom


Example: Adjust the sequence of a set of zooming animations


Before: Original “Zoom” animation effect


How to do

  • Press “Ctrl + A” to select all the elements of the slide, add the exit animation "Zoom" in the "Animation" menu

  • “Effect Options” > “Slide Center”


After: Adjust it by using “Sequence”


How to do

  • Select the time option. “Delay” was chosen in the example

  • Select the sequence method. “Random” was chosen in the example. You can set the maximum and minimum value according to your needs

  • Select the animated objects that need to be sorted. In the example, we select the “Name” option to choose all the animated objects in a snap.