Tween Animation

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Tween: Short for in-betweening, the process of generating intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image. iSlide add-in calculates and defines how the objects should move and change during the tweening process.


The initial interface of "Tween"


  1. Set the number of intermediate frames

  2. Add animations: If checked, it will automatically generate animation after tween

  3. Length per frame: Unit duration of each frame

  4. Advanced mode

  5. More details of the tween parameter settings


Example ONE: The bouncing cylinder



  1. Insert shape > Circle > Format > Shape Effects > 3-D Options, set the top bevel (Height: 300 pt.)?filename=Tween_-_5.gif

  2. Copy this circle and perform 3-D Rotation and set perspective value

  3. Set the parameters of Tween Animation

You need the check and set the [Duration]

Align the shapes by using the alignment tool, then start the slide show to see the cool effect

  • Select the shapes need to be aligned

  • Click Format > Align, then choose [Align Center] and [Align Middle] respectively, the shapes will overlap completely



【Shape + Color】: Set Tween Animation


Note】To use [Tween Animation] to achieve variant animations, you need to use the shape with handle in PowerPoint’s shape options



Shape + Color + Transparency】: Set Tween Animation



Example TWO: Picture Gradient Mask


Please check the following gif for specific operation. We don’t need to add animation in this example, so don’t check [Duration] when setting the Tween Animation parameters.