Smooth Transition

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iSlide > Extensions > Smooth Transition


Press the "Ctrl" or "Shift" key and select 2 shapes at the same time, then click "Smooth Transition" to apply it directly. 

If you don't select two shapes, a prompt window will pop up.


How to do

  • Hold down the [Ctrl] or [Shift] key and select two shapes at the same time, then click [Smooth Transition]

  • Hold down [Shift + F5] to start slide show from current slide, or you can click Animations > Preview


[Note]: The final effect of [Smooth Transition] is related to the order that you select shapes. For example, if you select A, then select B, the effect will be A -> B by default.


Use of [Smooth Transition] 

[Smooth Transition] is usually applied to the following four aspects:


1/ Scale

We don’t use [Size Scaling] here, because if the proportion is distorted, the effect of the animation will be affected.


[Scale] is similar to the [Zoom] animation of PowerPoint, but it can finish the path automatically. So you don’t need to add [Path] animation manually.


For example, It can apply to the movement of the following [office staff] icon from big to small and from here to there.



2/ Rotation Transition


The current [Rotation Transition] defaults to rotate with the minimum angle within 360° between two shapes. For example:


If you want to change the character from small to big and rotate it simultaneously, 


Since this 360-degree rotation is not supported at present (we might add this function later), you can manually add a [Top Spiral] animation after applying [Smooth Transition]



3/ Color Transition



Color Transition example



  • To achieve the gradual change from Black and White to Color, you can select “Black and White Picture’ and then select [Color Picture]

  • Overlap pictures: Click Format > Align, then choose [Align Center] and [Align Middle] respectively

  • Click iSlide > Animation > Smooth Transition

  • Hold down [Shift + F5] to start slide show from current slide, or you can click Animations > Preview


4/ Position transition

You can freely combine Position, Scale, Rotation and Color effects to get different animations.


Such as the following [Displacement + Reduction] animation