Diagram Library

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1. Definition of Diagram

Intuitive and easy-to-understand, the diagram is a graphical visualization to represent or illustrate something. The graphical representation makes PowerPoint distinguish from Word. In addition, iSlide Diagram Library can help non-professional presentation designers to express and deliver information more visually.
iSlide Diagram Library offers greater presention resources and usage methods, helping designers quickly create professional presentation reports, commercial roadshows, etc. It has the following features:
  • All the diagrams are designed by iSlide in-house design team in strict accordance with the specifications
  • Optimized slide size and file size
  • Full vector design for maximum editability
  • Automatically adapts to the theme color and layouts of any theme in iSlide Theme Library
  • Automatically adapts to 4:3 or 16:9 screen size

2. Use of Diagram Library

Filter and select diagram template
In iSlide > Resources, click "Theme Library" icon to open Theme Library pop-up window
At the top of the window, filter or accurately search for the themes by category and other properties.
  1. Search: Enter a keyword directly and press [Enter] to search (English, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional are available)
  2. More: Click on the area marked as 2 to access more options. You can search by category, style, permissions, etc.
Insert a diagram
  • Insert into a new blank slide: left click on it to download
  • Insert into the current slide: right click on it to download
Why doesn't the diagram downloaded contain any picture
Pictures usually have large size. If the downloaded diagram contains images, it will greatly affect the resource loading and download speed.
Therefore, the downloaded diagrams do not contain images. You need to insert appropriate images by yourself. No worries, iSlide [Picture Library] provides you thousands of high-quality pictures, which can be inserted into any slide/placeholder by a click.
Replace the image in diagram with picture in [Picture Library]
Select the "shape placeholder", which are supposed to be filled with picture, in the diagram. Then select the appropriate picture in [picture library], click on the picture to insert/replace it with one click
  • Click on the "shape placeholder" of picture in the diagram
  • Open [Picture Library], click on any picture to insert/replace it with one click
Replace the picture in diagram using [Picture fill]
If you want to replace the “shape placeholder” with any picture in your computer, you can set it in [Format Picture]
  1. Picture or texture fill
  2. Insert picture from "File"
  1. Find the folder that contains the picture you wan tto use, click on that pictureand then click "Insert"
If the picture filled is distorted
If the picture filled is distorted, you can restore it to the normal ratio
  • Click to select the distroted picture
  • In Picture Tools, click [Format] > [Crop] > [Fill]
Replace the icon in the diagram
Click on the icon you want to replace it in the diagram, open iSlide [Icon Library] and click on the target icon for one-click replacement.
Replace the vector in the diagram
Click to select the object that need to be replaced, open iSlide [Vector Library] and click on the target vector for one-click replacement.
How to change the colors of the diagram
All the diagrams in [Diagram Library] are designed by following the rules of PowerPoint theme font and theme color, to facilitate the overall replacement and change of presentation fonts and colors.
Change the theme color of the diagram
Change theme color by iSlide:
Change a certain color in the theme color of the diagram
  • Change a certain color in a single slide:
  1. Click to select the shape, right click > Fill
  2. Select the color you need in "Theme color"
Why doesn't the theme color change by a click
Possible reason: The theme color is not used when making the presentation
If you applied colors to you slides by using [Eyedropper] or directly entering a color value, the theme color matching is not available then.
The one-click color replacement is only available for objects that applied theme color
Change the fonts in the diagram
Change slide layout
Right click on the slide, select "Layout" and click on the target layout for one-click replacement.
Change the footer of the diagram