Picture Library

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1. Definition

All the pictures in iSlide [Picture Library] are CC0-Licensed. That means you can download/use these pictures safely for free, without attributing them to the image creator.

2. Use of Picture Library

How to insert a picture into slide
  1. Download:Click on any picture in iSlide [Picture Library] to directly download it to the current slide.
  1. Replace:① pictures downloaded from [Picture Library]: can be replaced by one click

②shape:select the shape and click on any picture in the [Picture Library] for one-click replacement

How to upload private pictures (Premium only)
  1. Click the "Upload" button at the top right of the [Picture Library] window
  2. Click "Load from image file"
Once uploaded successfully, the "Upload Successful" prompt will pop up.
In the homepage of the resource window, you can check your private resources,which are only visible to your account. That means other people cannot see and download your private resources.
How to delete private resources (Premium only)
Each private resource will have a "private" icon displayed at its bottom right corner. When you hover over any of the private resources, a preview image with "Delete" option will pop up. You can feel free to delete it then.
① Private resource
② Delete picture