Circular Crop

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iSlide > Design Layout > Circular Crop


The interface of "Circular Crop"

  • The “Circular Crop” is available for ovals, partial circles and arcs in PowerPoint “Shapes”


  1. Count: Set the amount of rings after cropping

  2. Space: The spacing between the rings after cropping (The percentage of the object's "loop width" after applying "Circular Crop" to it)

  3. From Center: Set whether the cropping starts from the center of the circle

  4. Apply


It defaults to “Circular Crop”. When checking “From Center”, it will generate a solid object based on the center of the circle (except “arc”).


How to use "Circular Crop"

  1. Circular count (3); spacing (100); not start from the center

  2. Apply



Circular Spacing

For example: apply “Circular Crop” to an “oval” and set the Circular Count as 2 and Space as 50.

After cropping, the space is 50% of the circle width.



To precisely adjust the shape, you are recommended to use “Circular Crop” and “Adjustments Editor” together.



How to do

  1. Click Insert > Shape to insert an “oval”, “pie” or “arc”

  2. Click iSlide > Design Layout > Circular Crop and set the parameters

  3. Click iSlide > Design Layout > Adjustments Editor and adjust the size of the circle by adjusting the “handle”

  4. Adjust the thickness and color of the line, add text and more.


The effect might vary due to different objects and layout.