Matrix Layout

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iSlide > Design Layout > Matrix Layout


The interface of "Matrix Layout"

  1. Amount: Set the horizontal/vertical amount of shapes

  2. Space Unit: pt/mm/% of shape/% of slide

  3. Spacing: Set the horizontal/vertical spacing between shapes

  4. Deviation Angle: Set the horizontal/vertical spacing of shapes

  5. Apply



"Matrix Layout" can be mainly used for the following two purposes:

  1. Matrix Duplication: When selecting one shape, you can use "Matrix Layout" to duplicate it in a matrix form

  2. Matrix Layout: When selecting multiple shapes, you can use "Matrix Layout" to arrange them in a matrix form


How to do: Matrix Duplication

Insert a shape in a PowerPoint slide, right-click this shape, click "Matrix Layout" and set the "horizontal amount" and "vertical amount"



How to do: Matrix Layout

Press [Ctrl + A] to select all the objects or click to select the objects that need to be rearranged and set the amount, spacing and angle of matrix layout.




When setting the horizontal and vertical spacing, the length and width of the shape itself are 100 by default.


 Horizontal spacing

The horizontal spacing is the distance between the "upper left corner" of the first shape and the "upper left corner" of the second shape. When the spacing is 100, the distance between the two shapes is 0.



Vertical spacing

The vertical spacing is the distance between the "top" of the first shape and “Top” of the second shape. When the spacing is 100, the distance between the two shapes is 0.



Build grids of modules using [Matrix Layout]

A grid is a series of horizontal and vertical lines. The grid design is to determine the position of pictures and texts according to a predetermined grid on the layout. The advantages of using grids are also obvious.

  • greatly improves the page norm. In the grid system, the size of all components is regular

  • Keep the layout of the entire page consistent



How to do

Insert a rectangle in the PowerPoint slide and set layout parameter using Matrix Layout.


Matrix layout: Select a shape, use the "matrix layout" function, set the horizontal, vertical amount and spacing. Choose “% of shape’’ as the [Spacing Unit] and keep the horizontal and vertical spacing as 100 (the distance is 0).


(When the shape distance is "0", you can directly select the shape for "Boolean operation": click “union” to adjust the layout)


You can also design utilizing "Picture Library" and "Design Tool"




If you cannot use the "Matrix Layout" feature because you don’t install iSlide plug-in, you can use the built-in table of Microsoft PowerPoint instead.

Or open PowerPoint > View > Gridlines



Tips: Non-distorted pictures

If the aspect ratio of the picture is inconsistent with the filled rectangle, distortion may occur when the picture is filled. You can try the following method to adjust the picture.


Method ONE: Crop the picture to the same aspect ratio as the rectangle.

Method TWO: After filling the picture, you can select the picture, right click, then click Format Picture > Picture > Crop

Method THREE: For Office 2013 and later: Use Boolean operation to operate the image and shape.