Uniform Font

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Replace the various fonts used in the presentation with one specific font by a click.


iSlide > Standard Specification > Uniform Font


Interface of "Uniform Font"


  1. Select the specific Chinese Font and Latin Font you want to use

  2. Choose the mode of "Uniform Font"

  3. Preview of uniform font

  4. Click to apply


Feature description

  • Theme Mode: The selected font will be quickly set to "Theme Font". The newly inserted text will automatically apply this font

  • Force Mode: Force mode only changes the font of the selected text. It won't change the theme font. The newly inserted text will remain in the original theme font

  • Core Mode: All visible and invisible fonts used in the current presentation will be unified into the theme font. After applying, it will "Save as" to generate a new presentation

  • All Slides: Apply changes to the entire presentation

  • Selected Slides: Apply changes to the slides you selected

  • Slide Sequence: Use "Slide Sequence" to apply "Uniform Font" to specific slides by entering the slide number. Consecutive numbers are connected by [-] and separated by [,]. For example: 1-3, 6 , 8-10